Sonntag, 24. April 2011

REVISION The Easterparty 2011

This weekend I had the chance to visit REVISION The Easterparty here in my hometown of Saarbrücken.For those who dont know what REVISION is, its a so called "scene party", where people meet and work together during 3-4 days, creating so called "demos", "intros", "extros", "cracktros", which means basically multi-media artworks with graphics, animations and music. I had the chance to get a few photos of KATAKIS 2, the successor of one of the most popular Amiga shoot'em ups, developed by Denaris Entertainment Software using Unity3D and LightWave3D. There are still some problems getting LightWave objects into Unity, especially with two UV-sets, but all in all, the FBX-importer in Unity seems to get the job done.

Tick close-up