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Interview with Studio Liddell, Creators of iPhone hit "Slippy Feet"

Today I offer You dear readers a special treat: I interviewed Pete Caddock from Studio Liddell, the creators of iPhone smash hit "Slippy Feet" (click here to see it on iTunes) !
Lets get behind the scenes...

Hi Pete,please describe Your company, how and when did You start, whats Your position ? Any prior game dev experience ?

The company I work for is Studio Liddell Limited, an independent 360 creative agency based in Manchester and London in the UK. The company started out as an illustration, design and finishing studio, progressing into 3D, animation and interactive areas over the last 10 years. I began working with Studio Liddell whilst running my own company "SmartScreen Digital Media Limited" and in 2004 we teamed up to develop a real-time 3D ship simulation for SS Great Britain. We went on to create a number of visitor attraction installations, culminating with our pride and joy (at the time) "Quantum Sheep and the Wonderful 'Wolds" - a 3D console game, styled into a PC based kiosk. This was a joint production with Stardotstar, and it currently tours the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to encourage kids to visit certain hsitorically interesting places in the Cotswolds. It's about a time travelling biped sheep who has to travel back to the prehistoric time period, the Roman age, the Medieval period, and / or the Victorian period (you can use any of the images on our web site under Interactive "Quantum Sheep") to rescue lambs which have gotten lost in time! My position at Studio Liddell is Head of New Technologies - I get to research new technologies and look for new ways of creating revenue streams, as well as developing some internally as test beds. I have been programming since I was at school in the mid 70's, I started in CESIL and moved onto BASIC, then 6502 and from there into STOS, AMOS, BlitzBasic 2, Flash, Director, Authorware, Scala, Blitz 3D and more recently Unity. My first commercial game was "Astrowarp" which was published by Page 6 on the 8-bit Atari in the mid 1980's. I wrote my first simple multiplayer games in 1989, using MIDI on the Atari ST. Most of my more recent commercial work has been for companies requiring interactive multimedia for visitor centres such as ss Great Britain Museum, the National Space Centre, the Royal Institute, the Science Museum, for whom I design and develop simulations and games both single player and multiplayer.

That's an awesome track record !How was the idea for "Slippy Feet" born ? 

Studio Liddell adopted Unity in 2008, and with the iPhone version began looking into App creation. Slippy Feet was born out of a Flash game I designed when "Happy Feet" the movie came out, we wanted something which was simple and wouldn't take too long to develop from scratch.

How many people worked on it, how long ? Did You use any third party tools/engines, and why ? How did they perform ?

"Slippy Feet" actually underwent three major revisions during development, mainly because we were getting used to new tools and the Apple SDK. There were two people involved, myself (designer, coder, tester) and Lewis (a young 3D artist and animator). We used 3DS Max for the 3D assets, Photoshop for the textures and backgrounds, and Unity iPhone with the Apple SDK. There's a lot to learn with the Apple SDK and at that time it was very new, so newcomers had a bit of a struggle to get up and running from being a PC based developers, to learning a new OS and Apple SDK and Unity too, it caused a few headaches. All good for the soul though! :) The SDK and Engine performed really well together, making iPhone development much easier for 3D games than if you were to start with OpenGL. There's also a lot to consider and re-learning to be done, as the iPhone is a small device with limited power and graphic capabilities. Ligthing was very costly in terms of rendering, large textures had to be reduced greatly, amazingly with little overall quality issues, frame rates were slow to begin with as we found ways of squeezing more out of the little device. We designed 18 levels but only managed to get 12 into the final build, due to memory restrictions and the fact we wanted to make a small download.

What was Your "best moment" during
development ?

Getting the game accepted into the App Store was probably the best moment during the whole development period.

Hehe, I know exactly what You are talking about ;)
How do You like the iPhone as aplatform for game development ?

iPhone is so exciting as a platform to develop for and now as iPad begins to take it's place next to the iPhone and iPod touch the platform will just go from strength to strength. iPhone itself has a few limitations which get less and less with each new generation, but you still have to keep older units 'fed' with Apps so don't neglect them. It is exciting as there are so many different Apps for it, and as many possibilities for Apps as there are grains of sand on a beach.

Any special advice for the fans playing Slippy Feet, like a special gameplay tactic or a hidden gem ?
Yeah, whilst playing the game, stop for a moment and keep the device still. Watch carefully as the camera moves right into Slippy and have a laugh at the amusing, five different idle animations and blinking we programmed into this little chap. Also, whilst playing the game, double tap the screen. Another is tap the screen higher up for a bigger jump and lower down for a little jump.

Any advice for people starting out with game development (no matter what platform) ?

Yes, never give up, always keep going. If you get stuck on an issue, walk away for a few minutes or even come back to it with a fresh mind (after a sleep for example). Also play and test all the way - re-iterate and although you should mainly always keep to your design, never be afraid to ask "why?" am I doing it like that - if it works - it works - if it doesn't then change the design! Oh and Good Luck!

Thanks, Pete, and much success for your next projects !

Gandalf Goes to the World Cup

Soooo funny !!!!


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1Up has a great article about "Ni no Kuni" for PS3.Now THAT is the kind of awesome graphics I wished they would use for Zelda:The Skyward Sword.

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Rage Demo

Deus Ex Human Revolution E3 2010 Trailer [HD]

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Trailer - E3 2010

PuckSlideHD is here for iPad !

Finally, "PuckSlide HD" is available for Your iPad right now in the app store !
This is a classic game for two players that will probably pretty fast become one of the most popular iPad games, due to its ease of access and everlasting fun !
Challenge Your friends, hold tournaments, battle it out one-on-one !

Get it here: http://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/puckslide-hd/id375680833?mt=8

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Nintendo's E3: The Fall of Wii

Well, that was it.While the 3DS will probably rock the handheld world, the Wii has been dropped like a hot potatoe.
I had big hopes for the console to show its power again in 2011, but it seems Nintendo gave up on it, degrading it to the basic party- and casual console it always was called and stepping back to sidecrolling platform wii-makes like DKCR (amongst sidescrolling things in Epic Mickey which sucks big time, sidescrolling in the new Metroid, sidescrolling in SMG2...hey Nintendo, wasnt that like 20 ago on the Super Famicom ?).
So if You (like me) had hopes for cool new games in the style of God of War, Darksiders, Resident Evil 4, TimeSplitters, which the Wii could handle without problem, You'd be disappointed: Mario Sports Mix, Wii Party, Wii-makes of classic Super Nintendo titles...that the future of Wii.
Cling to Your Monster Hunter Tris, as this is as far as the Wii could go, sadly enough :(
Oh, and whoever decided on the new (final ?) graphic style of the new Zelda should be fired: flat, undetailed, Mario Kart meets Zelda style graphics, which is like two generations behind Twilight princess.On the other hand, if You know one Zelda, You know them all...

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What is good gamedesign ?

As I have retaken my role as tutor in Heidelberg, teaching "Gamedesign and prototyping", and I want to ask YOU, dear reader, what You think makes a good game design, and what a game designer should be skilled in especially ?
Please let us discuss, let me hear Your opinions !

XCOM teaser

StarCraft 2 teaser