Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Game Art: What stands the test of time better: attempted realism or artistic vision...?

Personally, I love to dwelve in my nostalgic memories of the "good old times", when it comes to games.
I am a huge fan of classics like WarCraft III, Prince of Persia Trilogy, Outcast, Beyond Good and Evil, Deus Ex, Daikatana...I love games which do not to harshly attempt realistic graphics, but rather approach their subject with more fantasy and artistic touch.Granted, it deos not suit all genres, but I find that those artistic games stand the test of time much better than those who try to look realistic.
I think that drawn/painted textures look better after 5 years than realistically rendered textures.
Of course engines have evolved, lighting systems have been refined, much more is possible today than 5 years ago.
Yet, who cares about those technical advancements, if the requirements for a game like Outcast or Kingdom Hearts are just solid artistic skills ?
Yes, I do like a bit of Oblivion from time to time, and yes, I do like some Mass Effect.
But if I had the choice, I would always prefer the sights and sounds of the grandiose Final Fantasy 12, the awesome timelss style of Rayman: Hoodlum Havok or the dreamy, inspired scenery of Price of Persia: Sands of Time.
These titles age with dignity, something You can't say about stuff like Medal of Honour, Call of Duty or Your average FPS...

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