Montag, 8. März 2010

We live in dark times, youngling....

Well, beeing of an extraordinary old age (for a gamer) shows its symptoms.
I can remember playing the "good old games" like The Bard's Tale, Ultima, WingCommander and Tomb Raider.
I have grown up with these, they inspired me to do what I did and still do: games.
The Bard's Tale was a hugely successful hack and slay RPG in first person perspective, a real hardcore game by the time.
Ultima was groundbreaking in its way of simulating life in a fantasy world (baked bread, anyone ?).
WingCommander pushed hardware sales like not much before it, by giving gamers that awesome graphics engine with believable, memorable characters (Paladin, we miss You, Bhurak Starkiller, You are dead!).
Tomb Raider, well, two good arguments and that "this could have been Indiana Jones" along with kick-ass action gameplay made this an instant classic.
Today, what is left of these "historical" milestones ?
The Bard's Tale is a mere hack'n'slash like Diablo and has been given up.
Ultima, is now "Lord of Ultima", the browser game.Talking about catching up with the rest.
WingCommander is now "WingCommander Arena", some kind of fuzzy PvP shooter.
Tomb Raider is now a high score focused platformer.
There is still some games they can abuse like that.Why not make the next System Shock a sidescrolling
jump'n'run ?
Why not take Thief and make it a fun racer ?
Oh, and while we are at it: there is still a chance for a mini game compilation called "Half-Life: the troddler years".
Please lord, save us all...

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