Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

Nintendo's E3: The Fall of Wii

Well, that was it.While the 3DS will probably rock the handheld world, the Wii has been dropped like a hot potatoe.
I had big hopes for the console to show its power again in 2011, but it seems Nintendo gave up on it, degrading it to the basic party- and casual console it always was called and stepping back to sidecrolling platform wii-makes like DKCR (amongst sidescrolling things in Epic Mickey which sucks big time, sidescrolling in the new Metroid, sidescrolling in SMG2...hey Nintendo, wasnt that like 20 ago on the Super Famicom ?).
So if You (like me) had hopes for cool new games in the style of God of War, Darksiders, Resident Evil 4, TimeSplitters, which the Wii could handle without problem, You'd be disappointed: Mario Sports Mix, Wii Party, Wii-makes of classic Super Nintendo titles...that the future of Wii.
Cling to Your Monster Hunter Tris, as this is as far as the Wii could go, sadly enough :(
Oh, and whoever decided on the new (final ?) graphic style of the new Zelda should be fired: flat, undetailed, Mario Kart meets Zelda style graphics, which is like two generations behind Twilight princess.On the other hand, if You know one Zelda, You know them all...

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