Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009

Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings (Wii) minireview

Indy is back, and this time he's bringing old gameplay mechanics, unfair restart points, non-skippable tutorial and cutscenes, bad (voice) acting and less-than-intuitive controls.
For all fans who played through the other Indy games, this one is nothing special.It has better graphics than both Infernal Machine and Emperor's Tomb, but the general acting is bad, the voice acting in particular, and the WII controls are less than perfect.
Add to that the fact that especially at the beginning You have to sit through the same tutorial texts and speeches over and over again if You fail (and most of the time You fail without knowing why), and You get a cumbersome and not-so-rewarding Indy experience.
I really wanted this to be great, I love Indy, and the whip-based gameplay was a very appealing idea.Alas, the execution is so poor that even a fan like me can't spend so much time redoing parts just because I failed near the end of a chapter.
I recommend this only to die-hard fans, because at least the graphics are nice and it's INDY.

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