Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Sacred 2 (xBox 360) suxx

Okay, so me and the lady played Sacred 2 for about two hours.She has played both parts on PC and LOVED them.After two hours we gave up on it.In our opinion, its a waste of time.The graphics are not "next gen" (constant problems with the frame rate, sudden jumps to new locations, colour choice is quite strange, and when playing together on one screen, the chars are so small You hardly see anything).
The controls are OK.The atmosphere is severly lacking, too much text.The sound is buggy, sometimes NPCs move their mouths and You hear nothing.And all in all, for an RPG, there is not enough You can do with Your character (no change of appearance, no good choice of races or classes).At the end, its a pretty huge yet generic action hack'n'slash that never reaches the class of its predecessors nor the ultimae competitor DIABLO 2.
So we hope and pray Blizzard will bring Diablo 3 on XBox 360, because that we will preorder twice :D Heck, we will even buy a second XBox for that game.Come on BLIZZARD !!!

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