Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

ALAN, WAKE me up, I fell asleep cause I am so bored...

Well, so Time magazine crowned ALAN WAKE "Game of the Year 2010" because its oh-so "mature", and meta and whatever, because You have to use light against Your enemies etc.
My buddy Matze and I played it together, and we found it to be boring as hell, repetitive, disappointingly vague, without any interesting conclusion and pretty much a waste of time.
The graphics are splendid, and the atmosphere is great at the beginning, but the further You play, the more confusing and aimless the whole thing gets.
In Alan Wake, You basically run from lightsource to lightsource, kill enemies and push the occasional switch (aka "puzzles in Alan Wake").
It clearly aims to be something like "Silent Hill", and fails totally.
I played "Silent Hill: Homecoming" afterwards and half an hour with that game gave me more story, more suspense and more TO DO than the 10 hours or so of Alan Wake.
And please don't count on AW's "story", as it has none, at least nothing that merits a game.
I have been following AW's development starting back in 2005 or 2006, and I really wonder what happened in those 5 years...

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  1. whew, I nearly bought the game yesterday, but changed my mind in the last minute. Now it's BioShock, AssassinsCreed2 and Fallout3 - and following up the next post, yes, for the xbox360.