Sonntag, 9. August 2009

Concept Art update

Here's some minor concept sketches for a game I work on.I still dunno how to call those beasts, so if anybody has suggestions, please let me know here in the comments. I might be tempted to give away a free copy or two of the game, if the ideas are good :) So be creative and name your worst nightmare...


  1. What's the game's setting? Fantasy? SciFi-Horror?

  2. Its gonna be "Dark Fantasy".Rough, dark humour, weird creatures.

  3. kroqwa should work as a creepy name XD
    it contains "K", "R" and "Q" the creepiest letters of the alphabet. The first Vocal is an "o" the second an "a" ... perfect placement.
    and the "w" looks good on that place I think....

    hm I'm afraid everybody who read this thinks I'm crazy or stupid.... or maybe both ;D

  4. In that case I wouldn't name them for real but be more descriptive like "Swampler", "Demonoid" or "Suckling" (although not too descriptive like the "spitter" or "boomer" in L4D).