Freitag, 28. August 2009

GamesCom in Cologne, afterthoughts

Last week we were at the new GamesCom in Cologne.
We had great exspectations, but it was rather disappointing.The variety was great, but unfortunately, the ueberlong chains waiting to be let in to watch Diablo, Dead Space Extraction or Dante's Inferno were just unbearable :(
So, instead of waiting 3 hours to see Diablo 3, we just checked all the non-adult stuff, and skipped ALL THE COOL GAMES.
Either they change that next year, or it was our last trip to that fair.

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  1. same impressions over here, dude! we just rocked us trough the various rock band and guitar hero stages. of course we could have that without travelling a few hundred km to a fair, but it was cool to play in front of hundreds of REAL people :)