Montag, 10. August 2009

The Knowing microreview

Ok, watched "Knowing" with Nic Cage, and I guess he is just so lost because he didn't get Tom Hanks role in those Dan Brown book movies.
"Bangkog Dangerous" was lousy, "Knowing" is just even more stupid than "Signs".Although the special FX are cool.Three thumps down, Nic.Better check those screenplays BEFORE signing up.
This movie is not only ABOUT disasters.It IS a crash.
Oh, and Moe, this movie really suxx big time.Thanks for the tip !NOT !


  1. I did never see Signs. Nor Terminator::Salvation. No I didn't. My therapist told me denial is not helpful but I didn't see them anyways. Thanks for the warning about this movie.

  2. It took me years of my life to try to forget "Highlander 2".
    Now imagine my reaction, when I read that Hollywood wants to rape "BladeRunner" by making a sequel.
    Oh, they also plan Forrest Gump 2.
    Can't wait til someone remakes (pardon, re-imagines) the BIBLE.Or produces a sequel.
    Bible 2:Revenge of Messiah.Wait.They are doing this...stay tuned for more info about the sequel to the BIBLE.

  3. I dont know if I should be sorry for that, but I like Signs, but maybe just because I am a brainless Shyamalan Fan ><

  4. yeah, reminds me of Indiana Jones 4... If you haven't seen Southpark s12s08 ("The China Brobrem", watch it on yet, you have to see it (although it really strikes below the belt, even low for SouthPark).