Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

Alien Breed Evolution

Well, today I downloaded and played Alien Breed Evolution from the Xbox Live marketplace.
Beeing a HUGE fan of Alien Breed on the Amiga, I was pretty excited to try out a new installment of the series (especially since the announcement of such a game has been done several years ago, I believe 2004 or so).
After I donwloaded it, I called the wife to support me as a second player, casue ya know, AB is played best ina team.
When I heard the "Intex" computer voice again, it felt really cool, its been a loooong time.
So the game started, Anna joined me, and the first thing we noticed: its dark, and its hard to tell the characters from the environment.
Ok, dark and moody is good, but we felt its a bit too confusing, and no, we didn't play on an old CRT, we play on a 40-inch Samsung.The perspective is slightly isometric, I feel a straight topdown would have worked better.
Of course, there is the problem with the camera if Youn play 2-player coop locally on the Xbox, but that probably can be avoided by playing the game on-line so that each player has it own screen.
Secondly (and that You can accustom yourself to): the controls are not THAT easy.
The aiming is a bit difficult, as you aim while standing still by using the right stick.You move with the left one, so strafing is pretty cool, although difficult.
Third: you fire away at an incredibly high rate, because precise aiming is difficult (see above), bruing through those ammo packs faster than You would believe.
Fourth: the environment(in the demo) is pretty indestructible, and if there are things to shoot, they explode and may harm You.
So our first impression is just average.The original Alien Breed didnt allow for environmental destruction either, but I thought this would be includede now, especially when using the Unreal 3 engine.
The graphics are nice, though :)

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