Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2009

Clash of the Titans: Dante's Inferno vs Bayonetta vs God of War 3

Hi folks, I had the occasion to play the demo of Dante's Inferno on PS3, and let me tell Ya: it ain't no DEAD SPACE by a long shot.Indeed it is a mass brawler a la God of War and Bayonetta, and actually it doesnt either look as good or is as interesting as any of the two others.
The graphics are somewhat clean, the backdrops somewhat flat and the character models not very convincing for such a big title.The gameplay is what You would consider a pretty hefty copy of God of War, including quik time events, giant enemies and hordes of demons attacking.
While I was eagerly waiting for that game to try (beeing a huge DEAD SPACE addict), it was rather disappointing, specially compared with the originality of Bayonetta and the raw good looks of God of War.
Its gonna be a hard time for Dante's Inferno, competing with these, unless Visceral does some major polishing to the visual appeal.
Bayonetta has even larger enemies and even weirder weapons and special attacks (besides beeing more attractive).Kratos has much better graphics, and Darksiders has the more different gameplay.
Let's wait and see how Dante will perform, I doubt it will be as successfull as DEAD SPACE....

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