Montag, 14. Dezember 2009

OUTLANDER mini review

Yesterday we watched "Outlander" with Jim Caviezel.I checked back with boxofficemojo, and was very surprised to see that the movie is what You can call an epic failure at the box office.
We actually liked it very much.The story is not beyond awesome, but it is pretty interesting:
A space soldier crash lands on Earth (which in the movie is an abandoned human seed colony), 700 B.C., and an alien creature lands with him, starting to feast on the people living in the area.
Although he loses his futuristic weapon, he tries to protect the people and kill the alien beast, feeling guilty to have it brought to the rather primitive culture.
The special effects are really good, with an truly vibrant, living and original creature, some spectacular space scenes, alien planet backgrounds and vistas.
Caviezel does a great job, on par with Christian Bale I would say, and the rest of the cast including John Hurt and the great Ron Perlman is more than involved.
I would say its a good rental, much better than for example "Public Enemies", and it should have done better in the theaters....

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